Heretic (1994)

Heretic is a dark fantasy first-person shooter video game released in 1994. It was developed by Raven Software and published by id Software through GT Interactive. This is demo version of full game!


Type these codes in when playing the game
Effect Effect
skel All skeleton keys
quicken God mode
shazam Instant Tome of Power
Gimme( Enter Item a-1)(Enter # 1-9) Inventory cheat
massacre Kills all enemies on the level
kitty Walk through walls
engage## Warp to specified level (the #s of the engage code resemble numbers, e.g. if you want to warp to the fifth level of episode 3, type "engage35")
rambo All Weapons & Ammo
IDKFA All Weapons Taken from Player
gimmej chaos device
cockadoodledoo Chicken Mode
ponce Full Health
gimmez0 Gives you five of everything
quicken God Mode
IDDQD Instant Death
massacre Kill All Monsters in Level
engage(episode number level number) Level Select
gimmeh Morph Ovum
gimmed Mystic Urn
ravskel Obtain all skeleton keys.
gimmec Quartz Flask
gimmea Ring of Invulnerability
gimmeb Shadowsphere
noise Sound Debug
gimmeg Time Bomb of the Ancients
shazam Toggle Power-Up Mode
gimmee Tome of Power
gimmef Torch
ticker View Ticks Per Frame
kitty Walk Through Walls
gimmei wings of wrath