Charlie the Duck

Charlie the Duck is a small platform game for the PC about a cute duck named Charlie. In this game you must guide Charlie through different levels, gather coins and diamonds and watch out for dangerous enemies. Charlie can swim in the water and even dive to discover hidden areas!


Default controls during the game:

[Left] / [Right] - Walk
[Down] - Dive (in some places)
[Alt] - Jump
[Ctrl] - Run (together with [Left] / [Right]

To use other keys, select OPTIONS from the main menu and then choose
Other keys during the game:
[F1] - Help
[F2] - Save game
[F3] - Load game
[F4] - Sound on/off
[F5] - Change method for scrolling
(try this if scrolling is not smooth)
[P] - Pause
[Esc] - Quit game