Happyland Adventures

Happyland Adventures is a classic jump'n'run combined with original puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect various fruits for bonus. Save the Happylanders in order to rid the world of evilness.The download includes a level editor making it easy for you to expand the game to your liking.The game is made using allegro. And the game is completely free to boot!


The controls are very simple and can be set to any configuration you like. You will
need a left and right directional key, a key to interact with the characters that
give you information and a jump key. Collecting items in the game can benefit you
in several ways. The items such as fruit, packages, ice cream and so on will give
you an extra life for every 250 you collect. Hearts act as health one heart will
save you from touching a bad guy once. There are also anti gravity boots in certain
levels that allow you to jump much higher.

move = arrows
jump = space
sneak = c
talk = t