Ishar 2: Messengers of Doom

Following the incredible success of Ishar, Silmarils bring you a new, unmissable RPG, even closer to reality !Exceptional 3D graphics, interior and exterior views, dungeons, tree-cities, mountain-paths with real graded height effect, medieval towns with a unique mix of locations-harbour, banks, inns, libraries, temples, prisons-even nightclubs !Gigantic play area (3 times the size of Ishar, 400.000 views).Detailed challenging adventure scenarios.Several hundred characters.User friendly RPG environment will please young and old, novices and experts.Create and modify your own team.Detailed maps, character sheets, character development, day and night cycle, create magic potions and use pet animals as allies !Team-members have their own personalitiesSave game at any time without penalty.Reuse your saved team from Ishar (you do not need to own Ishar to play Ishar II).