Island Hopper

Fast Paced Military Air Strike Simulation. Pilot your Island Hopper aircraft deep into enemy territory.Destroy the enemy where he is waiting for you.How far can you make it before the enemy holds you back? Gather powerups, bombs, extra bonuses and all kinds of other goodies as you go to make your way easier.Encounter strange formations of aircraft, new and experimental deadly weapons that the enemy has been developing for the express purpose of thwarting your mission!Island Hopper features three complete episodes, each playable by itself or as a single long series:Episode 1 - South Pacifica (shareware) - balmy southern hemisphere islandsEpisode 2 - Aleutian Atolls - freezing snow-covered wastelandsEpisode 3 - Isles of Peril - dark rotting badland-covered islandsEpisodes 2 and 3 are available by registration only and feature even more types of enemy aircraft, new territory to explore, new weapon systems to discover and defeat.