Lords of Doom: Part One: The Black God

The Black God is the first part of Lords of Doom fantasy role playing saga. The purpose of the game is to lead alone hero to defeat powerful evil demi-god awaked by the Great Comet.You will find the large playing area, lots of interactive dialogues with NPCs, magical book with over sixty pages of darkest knowledge, plenty of monsters, many items and powerful spells. Game features VGA high-resolution (640x480) graphics, intuitive control interface (mouse or keyboard) and build in HELP. This game was designed to give the player maximum level of realism in typical situations: (for example when hero finds the locked door, he need not to seek a key, he may always try to pick the lock or break through the door - it will take some time, of course) etc. There are combat and healing spells available for the character, but there are also spells which allow to fly, resist fire, poison and enemy's blows, and even move through stone walls.