NASCAR Racing, based on the 1994 racing season, is a revolutionary new racing simulation production. It uses a physics model that is based on the physics of a real stock car and is designed to accurately reproduce the complete NASCAR Racing experience by providing the most realistic visual effects and car handling available for the personal computer.Race on nine different tracks, all modeled after the real thing using official bluprints. Everything from the banking, length, elevations, terrain and even real sponsor billboards. Tracks include Bristol, Darlington, Talladega, Michigan, Watkins Glen, Phoenix, Atlanta, Loudon, and Martinsville.The cars drive and feel like the actual NASCAR race cars, right down to the weight and power. The action is real: accidents occur, fenders crumple, engines blow, smoke billows.Multiple car options to tinker with. Go to the garage and adjust everything from tire pressure, camber, wedge, gear ratios, and much more. Search for that ever elusive perfect setup, then take it to the track and burn it up.After rubbing bumpers for a while, go to the paintshop and customize you own car. Duplicate your favorite cars, update colors and decals, and customize your own hot paint job.