Pharaoh's Tomb - 4

Pharaoh's Tomb is an arcade-adventure game set in a huge Egyptian pyramid. Explore 20 uniquely-dangerous levels riddled with ingenious puzzles and traps. You start with five lives and a few spears, which can he thrown at offending denizens that patrol the pyramid.


-- Pharaoh's Tomb Cheat Keys --
There are two ways to cheat in Pharaoh's Tomb, but first you must toggle the [scroll lock] key to on,
which is necessary for the cheat keys to work! To activate the main cheat mode you need to press the
plus key [+] from the main menu screen. This will start the game and give you never ending supply
of game "men" and spears. The second way to cheat is to simply press the plus key while playing any
level, which will advice you to the next level! Remember, for either of these to work the "Scroll Lock"
key must be toggled on .