Sopwith II

SOPWITH is a video war-game played over the IMAGINET network or on a stand-alone PC. The object of SOPWITH is to destroy all enemy targets with a somewhat limited airforce. The following keys are used during the play of SOPWITH: ctrl-break - terminates the game for the player by crashing the player's plane. Scores are adjusted accordingly. , - elevator up. The airplane will rise if right-side-up, drop if up-side-down. . - roll airplane / - elevator down. The airplane will drop if right-side-up, rise if up-side-down. x - accelerate airplane \ - decelerate airplane b - drop a bomb space-bar - fire a shot h - allow the computer to fly you home for refuelling and rearmament. Computer control ends if elevator, acceleration, or roll keys are pressed. s - turn sound on if off, off if on.