Star Castle PC

Star Castle PC is based upon my old favorite arcade game called Star Castle. Star Castle was an arcade game from a company called Cinematronics and was made way back in the early days of video games somewhere around 1980.This game used what was called vector graphics. These graphics are very fine lines connected between 2 or more points on the screen. The result was a very clean ans sharp picture and eventhough the pictures were simple, you could scale and rotate images and still keep the same high detail.I purchased my own Star Castle arcade machine in 1984 for the small sum of 50 dollars. The machine needed a new sound board which cost another 35. Sadly the monitor burned out 3 years later and my Star Castle was put to rest *sniff*. This program is written in rememberance of my favorite arcade game back when games were simple yet challenging.Star Castle requires a 386 DX or better with EGA or VGA graphics. A Soundblaster compatible card is also supported.