Strife is an interactive, multi-player, action adventure game that combines fast-action, first-person 3-D combat and the mythic intrigue of the best role-playing games. Strife thrusts players into a world of high stakes virtual combat while challenging them to successfully navigate through 30 levels of a tyrannical ruled city-state which covers over 200 'virtual miles'. Written using the enhanced id 3-D engine, Strife takes DOOM-like gaming to a higher dimension.Strife constitutes a whole new type of 3-D combat game. It has expanded on the tradition of DOOM in a number of ways. Both by intensifying the fighting action with new weapons such as the Flame Thrower and by providing an enthralling interactive story and plot line complete with dramatic voice-overs. Strife sets the standard for what the next generation of PC games will look and play like.Set in a world inspired by both ancient medieval and technical influences, Strife challenges players to an epic adventure in which they encounter a host of life threatening enemies, obstacles and mysteries. Players must defeat the Order, a quasi-religious dictatorship that keeps the world of Strife mired in eternal warfare. The challenges take place throughout a virtual world of 200 square miles and 30 different levels of play, all of which represent varying states of technological development. Players interact with members of the underground rebellion, the Front, who hold the keys to success. The allies are imperative to attaining information, conducting secret missions and furthering the cause against the tyranny of the Order.