Tyrian is an action-packed upward scrolling shooter in which the entire screen is ablaze with action! Featuring multi-level parallax scrolling, huge enemies and weapons, and full-screen animation, this shooter can take on the best games of its type on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Tyrian also features full modem, network, and serial play.Your ship's most powerful weapons spew hundreds of particles around, demolishing the weaker enemies in your path. It's no overkill, though--when you reach the massive enemies within Tyrian, you'll need every ounce of firepower you can get. More than 30 levels in all, plus many extra hidden bonus levels, Tyrian will have you playing forever! Each level has different scenery, enemies, and hazards, creating a wonderful variety of gameplay.As you blast your way through levels, you earn cash which you can use to upgrade your ship. If you've played One Must Fall: 2097, the concept will be familiar. This adds a whole new strategic aspect to Tyrian, unlike any shooter seen before! There are nearly 100 various weapons, shields, power plants, and options to obtain!