Ultizurk III: The GuildMaster's Quest

Ultizurk III: The Guildmaster's Quest, is a top-down view style game with full 256 color graphics and mouse point & click interface. You will explore a huge and incredible world. Everything you need to play is included. It is a complete game with all features fully enabled.You are the Guildmaster. You have been invited to visit the lovely land of Good King Eldor, with a beautiful siren for a companion. But alas! No sooner do you arrive at the castle when the unexpected suddenly happens…This giant rpg/adventure features a world simulation in which you can interact with virtually everything in the land - objects, doorways - you can even fish and ride a raft to far away lands!Your faithful companion, Losi-the-Siren is with you, following you around and helping on your quest as you go through valleys and forests, icy mountains, islands and dungeons deep and dark!Something is amiss in the land as the monsters have gone wild! Will you, as the Master of the Wizard's Guild, be able to confront the ultimate challenge of Ultizurk III? Find out if you dare!