Wolfenstein 3D (1992)

Wolfenstein 3D is one of first 3D games ever, originaly firstly released in year 1992. Your only goal is to escape from castle Wolfenstein, later on you will fight evil bosses from nazi ranks. Have fun with this epic game!


While playing, press LEFT ALT + LEFT SHIFT + BACKSPACE at the same time to enable cheat codes.
To use them, hold any of the key combinations below:
TAB+B change the border color
TAB+B Border color
TAB+C display statistics for the current level
TAB+E warp to the end of the current level
TAB+F displays your coordinates
TAB+G God Mode
TAB+H removes health
TAB+I boost your weapons, health and ammo
TAB+M shows current memory usage
TAB+P pause the game
TAB+Q quit the game
TAB+S activates a slow-motion mode
TAB+T graphics test
TAB+V adds vertical-blank interrupts for slower machines
TAB+W to warp to any level
TAB+X gives you "Extra Stuff" (?)