XQuest is a horribly addictive arcade game for the PC! Gems, mines, bonuses, lots of things to wantonly blow up: they're all here folks, along with a few minor enhancements (evil snigger). For those few sad individuals who haven't yet played the game, here is...The invasion fleet of the hideous Mucoids is hurtling towards the Earth, intent on blasting it into tiny steaming shreds of radioactive grit, and only your ship, armed with the our latest top secret Super Kill-o-Zapper Atomic Phaser Photon Laser Cannons can... Hang on, sorry. Wrong game: I'll start again.You're a jolly little ship dingus which shoots all around a rather abstract landscape collecting little blue gem thingies, while avoiding a few mines scattered around. Hmm. Boring, you say? Well, maybe it still needs a certain something... OK, so we'll keep the Super Kill-o-Zapper, then, and add a couple of things to blow up. In fact, we'll add LOTS of things to blow up. Happy?