Realms Of Chaos

░▒▓█ REALMS OF CHAOS -- ACTION BY APOGEE █▓▒░ ░▒▓█ Innovative fantasy platform game! █▓▒░ At any time press a key to tag-team switch between a male sword welding warrior and a hot female fireball shooting sorceress! What more do you want?! Variety, mysticism, cool music/sound effects by Bobby Prince (DOOM), big bosses, gameplay galore? It's ALL here! 486+ recommended. A blood toggle. Etc., etc. Just get it and you won't be sorry!


Hold capslock + d + x Enter Debug Mode

For each code given below, press backspace, then enter the code:
Prime Does Fire, Rain, Magma, and Astral in one code
Ether Level warp
Wind Partial invincibility
Magma Power up stamina for both characters
Fire Power up weapons for both characters
Rain Recharge health points
Astral Round mana gems up to 250

Keyboard Configuration
Attack ALT
Transform SPACEBAR
Move Left LEFT
Move Right RIGHT
Move Up UP
Move Down DOWN