Descent II

Your next missions send you racing into the deepest, blackest depths of five new alien worlds. Through icy waterfalls and over rivers of lava you descend though all-new unique environments and deadly chasms of each planet. Invading inward, you head towards the core in an attempt to annihilate the planet itself.


Type these codes during gameplay. Note: There are multiple codes depending on the version of software you are running.
Also, GABBAGABBAHEY and the other Descent I codes all have the same effect:
''Hi John,'' Wacko Background PIGFARMER
1% Shield and Energy -- GABBAGABBAHEY
1st use: Kills all robots, 2nd use: Kills boss robot or guide bot, 3rd use: Kills guide bot -- SPANIARD
Accessories -- ALIFALAFEL
Add 1024x768 and 1280x1024 to the screen resolutions menu -- SuperHiRes
All keys -- ALGROOVE
All weapons -- HONESTBOB
All weapons -- MOTHERLODE
Also used to warp to levels -- FREESPACE
Bouncing gun shots -- DUDDABOO
Bouncing weapons -- ERICAANE
Extra Guide Bots -- HELPVISHNU
Five Robots -- GOGOROBOT
Full Map -- ROCKRGRL
Get All Level Keys -- ORALGROOVE
Get All Powerups in Level, Blow Reactor & Warp to Exit -- DELSHIFTB
Guide bot fires missiles -- GOWINGNUTS
Homing weapons -- LPNLIZARD
Homing weapons -- EATANGELOS
Invincibility -- ALMIGHTY
Invincibility toggle -- ZINGERMANS
Kills robots by you running into them -- GODZILLA
Psychedelic Walls -- BITTERSWEET
Stops Robots -- IMAGESPACE
Turns Guide-Bot Psycho -- GOWINGNUT
Warp to a level -- WHAMMAZOOM
Warp to exit, blows reactor -- FOPKJEWA