Crusader: No Regret

Unleash your attitude in this explosive sequel to 1996's "Action Game of the Year." You're a renegade silencer out to settle a score with the powerful World Economic Consortium. Only your instincts, agility and firepower can get you through in one piece.Destroy anyone and everything that gets in your way with an arsenal of devastating weapons and see visible damage results from every shot. Witness grisly deaths as your opponent shatter, broil, vaporize and erupt into flame! 21 fast-action maneuvers let you run, dive, fire and roll through 10 multi-leveled environments packed with incredible detail, death and destruction!


Keyboard Controls
Arrow keys: Walk around
Spacebar / 0 / Left mouse: Draw weapon/fire weapon
Ctrl+forward arrow or J: Jump
Ctrl+backward arrow: Toggle crouching
Ctrl+left and right arrows: Roll left/right(automatic crouch)
Alt+left and right arrows: Sidestep left/right(automatically draw weapon)
Shift+forward arrow: Run(automatically draw weapon)
Q or W: Cycle through weapons
S: Search for usable/takeable objects
Enter: Use/pick up selected object
Enter: Manipulate selected item
Enter: Talk to selected person
G: Grab all exposed items and add to inventory
B: Detonate bomb
E: Use energy cube
Z: Center screen on Sliencer
R: Radiation Shield on/off
U / Del: Use inventory item
M: Use Medikit
O or I: Cycle thpough/
Shift+right button: Run
Double-click: Fire/holster weapon
Ctrl+L: Drop weapon
Search/Select: S/ +
Increase music volume ctrl+=
Decrease music volume c-
Prompt EXIT TO DOS (Y/N) Alt X
Return to game (from screens) Esc

Mission Descriptions

Level 1: Destroy the thermal coupler.
Level 2: Rescue the prisoners.
Level 3: Download plans for the Thermatron.
Level 4: Destroy the SORC computer.
Level 5: Download the plans for the Cypher chip.
Level 6: Kidnap Senator Everett Snell.
Level 7: Nuke the nerve gas.
Level 8: Rescue Prof. Willmar.
Level 9: Spy on a WEC meeting.
Level 10: Destroy Dr. Hoffman's prototype weapons.
Level 11: Download plans for the Vigilance Platform.
Level 12: Upload new target coordinates... for a nuclear bomb.
Level 13: Rescue Col. Ely.
Level 14: Locate shuttle to Vigilance Platform.
Level 15: Assault on the Vigilance Platform.

Cheat codes

LOOSECANNON16: Enable codes

JASSICA16: Enable codes (not working)
~: Switch codes on/off
F10: Weapons, health, energy
Ctrl+F10: God Mode
H: Hack mover(hold Shift and move things with mouse)
F: Display framework
Ctrl+C: Display current location
Ctrl+Q: CD transfer display toggle
Ctrl+V: Misc. info
F7: Display grid
Alt+F7: Grid 2
Ctrl+F7: Grid 3
Cheat command-line parameters:
-warp 1 Warp to level(1-15)
-skill 1 Set skill level(1-4)
-egg 250 Start in Easter Egg room
Drop a gun with CTRL+D and pick it up. The current clip will be refilled.