Darklight Conflict Demo

This is Darklight Conflict. The Most beautifully rendered, fully-realised space combat sim ever created.You have been chosen. From the elite of Earth's pilots. Transported across deep space to fight for an alien race. Genetically-enhanced, you become one with your starship.But you won't have time to enjoy the view. Not while wave after wave of enemy ships assault you, mission after mission. And all that separates you from imminent death? Speed and skill.


Invincibility - Hold the Tab button and press Page Up. Release both keys and press P.

mouse left - Turn left
mouse right - Turn right
mouse up - Dive
mouse down - Climb
Left Arrow - Bank left
Right Arrow - Bank right
mouse button 1 - Fire main/Shield
mouse button 2 - Fire cannon
Up Arrow - Accelerate
Down Arrow - Declerate
Backspace - Select weapon
tab - Toggle scanner mode
minus - Reverse engines