Depth Dwellers

Depth Dwellers -- The Quest is an intense, virtual reality, 3D action game. Plunged into the mines you witness the true demonic nature of the Ri. Run, jump duck, crawl and kill -- do whatever it takes to conquer and kill Ri and fulfill your quest. Features new advances in 3D technology, outstanding graphics and music. Killer game! Not for young kids.


CTRL ALT I - God mode toggle
CTRL ALT N - Go directly to next level
CTRL ALT S - Save screen shot to disk (pcx format)
CTRL ALT F - Full ammo, health, and Flame Thrower gun
CTRL ALT L - Add an extra life


F9 - order screen
ESC - exit
SPACE BAR - fire weapon
UPARROW - move forward
DOWNARROW - move backward
LEFTARROW - turn left
RIGHTARROW - turn right
CTRL UPARROW - move forward fast
CTRL DOWNARROW - move backward fast
CTRL LEFTARROW - strafe left
CTRL RIGHTARROW - strafe right
D - duck
F - jump
T - transport slave to safty (must be near slave)
N - redisplays the note found in episode