Assault Wing

Assault Wing is a fast paced multiplayer action game. Two or more players fly their ships in cave-like two-dimensional arenas and shoot each other. There are ten different ships to choose from, a bunch of arenas to play in, and most importantly, dozens of unique weapons to blast your friend away with. The arenas feature slippery, flammable and indestructible surfaces, stationary flamethrowers, beautiful parallax scrolling backgrounds, and collectible bonuses that can boost your ship into a deadly war machine.Assault Wing can run in several screenmodes from 640x480 down to 320x240. You will need at least a 486 PC with a 50 MHz processor, 8 MB memory, and a VBE 2.0 compatible video card (all modern ones will do). In case your video card is old and doesn't have VBE 2.0, try using Display Doctor of Scitech. The game can also produce sound effects through a standard Sound Blaster and possibly even a Gravis Ultrasound. There is a theoretical support for playing over a modem connection, but it is practically unusable. The game was developed to be played in plain DOS but it is known to run even in Windows 98's DOS Shell.


Player 1
W - Thrust
A - Left
D - Right
L-Shift - Fire
S - Special
- Extra
Player 2
Num Up - Thrust
Num Left- Left
Num Right- Right
R-Shift - Fire
Num 5 - Special
Num Ins - Extra

Player 3
I - Thrust
J - Left
L - Right
B - Fire
K - Special
M - Extra

Player 4
Mb Middle- Thrust
Mm Left - Left
Mm Right- Right
Mb Left - Fire
Mb Right- Special
Mm Down - Extra