Bubble Pop

Your mission: rescue Bublina, and the world, from The Evil One! He has turned all your friends against you. Now you must break the spell by changing them into fruits and bonuses. With your Magic Rod, cast four Spells:1. Freezing Cloud2. Fire Ball3. Fire Shield4. Magic BubbleOn your journey, collect BONUS letters and go to secret caves. Also, find Magic Bottles with Spells (like Invisibility). Defeat 4 BIG monsters and then...


Ingame Keys:
ESC - Quit Round
F1 - Help Screen
F2 - Increase Volume
F3 - Decrease Volume
F4 - Disable Sound FX
F5 - Enable Sound FX
F6 - Fast CPU
F7 - Slow CPU
P - Pause

Controlling The Players:
Key Setup1:
Left Arrow Left
Right Arrow Right
Right Ctrl Jump
Alt Gr Fire

Key Setup2:
C Left
V Right
Alt Jump
LCtrl Fire