Aliens have stolen orbs allowing them to return to your world's distant past. Having established covert bases, replete with warehouses and power plants, the aliens are attempting to alter the past and your present! They will too, unless you recover those orbs. You must also eliminate as many aliens (and their little vermin buddies) as you can. To accomplish your mission you must use whatever resources you can find, even alien stuff.



1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Guns
Arrow Keys Movement
Esc Main Menu - Pause or restart game at current level
Page Up Look up
Page Down Look down
Home Center View
Tab or F9 Auto-Map
F1 Help
F2 Save Game
F3 Load Game
F4 Sound/Music Volume Control
F5 Pause CD Audio player
F6 Restart CD Audio player
ALT-F7 Previous Midi/CD Track
F7 Change MIDI/CD Track
F8 Default Track
F9 AutoMap
F10 Demo Save (Registered version only)
F11 Monitor brightness
F12 Screen Capture (PCX)

Ctrl or Enter Fire
Alt Strafe (use with left and right arrows)
Shift Run (use with all motion keys and look up/down keys)
End,Ins,\,/ Jump
Space Bar Open doors and trigger switches etc.
= or * Increase screen size
- (keypad) Shrink screen



Left - Fire

Middle - Go Forward

Right - Use for strafe and open doors/push switches.
You can strafe (walk sideways) by holding down the right button
and moving the mouse. Doors and switches can be activated by
walking up to the target and clicking the right button.

Mouse sensitivity settings can be set by selecting Options-Controls off the
QUIVER Main Menu, or by pressing F4 during play.

QUIVER CHEAT CODES (*=Not available in the trial version)

ţ WUSS - Invincible ţ TIMER - Show Level Elapsed time

ţ NUKE - Kills all enemies ţ DBS - Change to Internal Music

ţ MMAP - Temporary stun badguys ţ CD - Change to CD Audio

ţ PANSY - * All weapons, all ammo ţ DEMO - * Playback specific demo

ţ BUTTHEAD- * All Keys, all orbs ţ WARP - * Jump to Episode/Level