The object of CRATES is to push the crates around the rooms to the designated areas shown as dots, in the least amount of steps possible.


During game play:
F1 - Brings up three screens of help information.
F3 - Brings up the options screen. (Speed/Sound/Music).
(Note: Music function is not currently available.)
F4 - Pulls up a stats screen for the current game.
F5 - Save game at current position.
F7 - Restore previously saved game.
F9 - Restart current room.
F10- Make a quick-exit to Dos.
ESC- Exit to main menu.
To view a demo, change the playing speed from the options menu.

During full screen room editor: (Not in the Shareware version)
F1 - Go back one room.
F2 - Advance one room.
F3 - Go back one floor.
F4 - Advance one floor.
F5 - Sample play room you're currently editing.