Deluxe Ski Jump

Deluxe Ski Jump is a ski jumping simulation with full 3D graphics and simulated physics.


How to Jump?

After the green light goes on you have exactly 15 seconds time to
start your jump. The green light starts blinking when you have ten
seconds left. If you exceed the time limit your jump will be disqualified.

The wind meter indicates the direction and the speed of the wind.
The speed is given in meters per second. The optimal wind condition is
usully a headwind (1.5 - 3.5 m/s) but it differs a little between
the hills and jumping styles.

When you think that the conditions are ok and you are ready to start
sliding click left mouse button.

Once the ski jumper reaches the take-off board you have to make a
powerful jump. Do this by pushing left and right mouse button
simultaneously down. After take-off release both mouse buttons.

In the air you have to get a good flying positition and maintain it.
You can control your body angle by moving mouse gently up and down.
Don't forget to take benefit of the wind!

There are two ways to land: a two-footed landing and a telemark landing.
Use two-footed landing if you are flying too far. Telemark landing is
more difficult, but when it is done well you get more style points.

If you want to land two-footed click left and right mouse button
simultaneously down.

Instead, if you want to do a telemark landing click first right and
then left mouse button. Longer delay between clicks means wider
telemark. You can also click the buttons in reverse order.