Wolfenstein 3D



While playing, press LEFT ALT + LEFT SHIFT + BACKSPACE at the same time to enable cheat codes.
To use them, hold any of the key combinations below:
TAB+B change the border color
TAB+B Border color
TAB+C display statistics for the current level
TAB+E warp to the end of the current level
TAB+F displays your coordinates
TAB+G God Mode
TAB+H removes health
TAB+I boost your weapons, health and ammo
TAB+M shows current memory usage
TAB+P pause the game
TAB+Q quit the game
TAB+S activates a slow-motion mode
TAB+T graphics test
TAB+V adds vertical-blank interrupts for slower machines
TAB+W to warp to any level
TAB+X gives you "Extra Stuff" (?)