Star Wars: Dark Forces



Enter one of the following codes during the game to cheat:

laimlame - Invincibility
laterminate - Invincibility and infinite ammo
lapostal - Weapons, shield, and health
lamaxout - Full items, weapons, and ammo
labrady - Full ammo
launlock - Full inventory
lacds - Full map
laskip - Level skip
larandy - Supercharge weapons
ladata - Display coordinates
lantfh - Teleport to current map position
laredlite - Enemies freeze when killed
lapogo - Disable height checking
labug - Enable 'insect mode'

Game Controls
UP - Walk Forwards
DOWN - Walk Backwards
Left - Walk Left
Right - Walk Right
SHIFT - Hold down to run
SPACE - Use/Activate
C - Crouch
X - Jump
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0] Used for changing weapons
F1 - Inventory/Objectives/Mission/Weapons
[F2] Toggle Night Vision
[F3] Toggle Ice Cleets
[F4] Toggle Gas Mask
[F5] Toggle Headlight
[F6] Toggle Headwave
[F7] Hide GUI
[F8] Toggle Weapon
[F9] Switch Weapon
[F10] Switch Weapon
[Esc] Pause Game
[Left Mouse] Use Weapon
[Alt]+[Enter] Toggle Fullscreen