D/Generation is a unique isometic view action/puzzle game set in a large office building. You play a package delivery guy who gets trapped within the Genoq Biolabs facility when the security system goes berserk.


If you don`t have a joystick, you can do the following:
Use numeric keypad to move.
(Example, press 7 to move diagonally.)
Press SPACEBAR to fire the laser.
Press T to throw grenades.
If you fid the keyboard controls difficult, press ALT-K for the alternative
control mode. This will rotate the movement key effects by 45 degrees.
Pressing 9 on the numeric keypad causes the player to walk directly towards the
top of the screen.
You can also use the following special keys:
ESC - Freezes the game, and continues it.
ENTER - Talk to a survivor.
S - Displays your status.
U - View and select weapons you can use, if any.
CTRL-A - Aborts the scene when you are trapped and takes away a life.
Restarts play from where you last entered the room.
CTRL-J - Recalibrates your joystick. Be sure that your joystick is in
its centre, released position.
CTRL-K - Toggle keyboard only mode on and off.
CTRL-Q - Exit D/Generation.
CTRL-R - Restores previously saved game.
CTRL-S - Toggles sound on or off.
CTRL-X - Swap joystick axes.
ALT-K - Toggle alternative control key mode on and off.
ALT-R - Restarts play from the beginning of the level.
ALT-S - Saves game.